Data Services

Business Intelligence Advantage helps clients use their existing data more effectively. We offer data warehousing, reporting and analysis solutions for any ERP or CRM package, including legacy or home grown systems. Actionable information becomes readily available from packages such as SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, MAS90/200 and FACTS. Since these systems are optimized for business processes, they are generally unsuited for reporting and analysis.

While most systems do supply generic sales, finance and inventory reports, their usefulness is limited by their rigid format. Such reports often generate more questions than answers. For example, a report showing an unusual decrease in sales would lead to additional report requests in an effort to isolate the cause. Time is wasted waiting for an analyst or clerical person to prepare and deliver the new reports. In larger organizations, hours or days may go by waiting for the IT department to respond. Today’s executives and managers need to be able to make informed decisions more quickly.

To satisfy the analysis and reporting requirements of modern executives and managers, software has been developed to reduce reliance upon dedicated analysts. Data is presented in a business context – sales per quarter by salesperson, costs per product line by region, and so on – so decision makers gain insight into the factors driving the business. All analysis can be performed with a few mouse clicks instead of the cycle of report specification and delivery. And since the BI software can use data previously extracted from the transactional system, no burden is placed on the system for analysis and reporting – no more worries about a carelessly constructed report or query slowing down the entire business.

For more flexible analysis and reporting, B.I. Advantage also designs and deploys Data Warehouses and DataMarts (smaller, often single-subject Data Warehouses) that completely remove the reporting load from the transactional system. New features can be added to the Data Warehouse without affecting day-to-day business processes. For example, customers could be grouped to facilitate marketing analysis, even if such a grouping were not available in your transactional system. Budget and Finance factors can be added to more accurately determine profitability, even if the numbers are stored in spreadsheets or other computer systems.

At B.I. Advantage we give our clients a competitive edge by helping them leverage the data that already exist in their computer systems. Our goal is to provide cost-effective solutions in a time frame that gives you a quick return on your B.I. investment. When you succeed, we succeed.